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Girls’ Day Release ‘I Miss You’

Girls’ Day have released their ballad song, “I Miss You.” Unlike their past comebacks this and last year, it is not sexy, but rather pretty and sad. While it is a beautiful ballad, there is a random rap part stuck in there.

And it does not belong. It’s just random and weird and I wish it wasn’t there. Otherwise, it’s a beautiful ballad. It’s not gut-wrenching like ALi or BoA or Namie, but it’s nice.

Watch the music video here:


This is from their mini album, “Want To See,” which is the iTunes English title of the song. There are four other songs on the mini album, including “Look At Me,” “Show You,” “I Don’t Mind,” and “White Day.” I really like “Look At Me” and “Show You.” I find that “I Don’t Mind” is a more enjoyable ballad than “I Miss You,” and “White Day” is another ballad-y song, but not so…slow? Somewhat upbeat, but it’s an okay song.

Like the song? Buy the album on iTunes!

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Source: Girls’ Day YouTube

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