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VIXX Release Error and I Drown In Feelz

Goddamit. Feelz. So close to work and I’m drowning in VIXX feels.

VIXX have made their comeback with “Error,” and it’s BEAUTIFUL~

Not only are their voices amazing (as usual) But the storyline is so beautiful. Hongbin is a scientist who creates robots, and is a cyborg himself. He lost his girlfriend, and broken hearted, he re-creates her as a robot. There is an error in her system when she first wakes up, which causes her to malfunction and her arm came off (whoops!) Hongbin fixes her and inserts their memories together.

Thus, she falls in love with him, and they are happy. UNTIL THE FUCKING FBI COME IN, separate them, come to the conclusion that she is an illegal AI, and instead of, I don’t know, using his VIXX droids to kill the FBI and escape, he goes to the machine that he uses to heal himself, and has himself and his girlfriend dis-assembled.

The End. Cue tears.

Pay no attention to Ravvi‘s silly hat.

Watch the music video here:


The album is not released yet T^T NUUUUUU

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Source: RealVIXX YouTube

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