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Random Music Monday: My Love

Okay, so this might seem a bit rushed, but I have to get ready for work, but I won’t be back until like midnight, and that’s tomorrow and while I’m on a roll with being on time this week, let’s get started!

A while back, it feels like forever ago, EYK released a K-Krunch Indie Playlist, and it featured the song “My Love” by Hong Jin-Young, who is a trot singer. Trot is very much like country music here, it was wildly popular back in it’s hey day, but now it’s just regular kind of popular.

Trot=American Country music, but only in a relative way, popularity wise. It rather reminds me of Tejano, to be honest.

Ya feel me? Anywho, this was my jam when it first came out so check it out and Enjoy!

Watch the music video here:


Couldn’t find it on iTunes, but check out her other stuff!

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