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The Boss Release Comeback Teaser ‘Rilla Go’

POOM Entertainment‘s boy band, The Boss have undergone a name change, DGNA (formerly, The Boss), which is just an acronym of their Korean name, but still a change nonetheless. Which is why I was confused at first when I saw the video on my feed.

Good thing I didn’t pass it up. These boys have vocals of gold and I really hope this gets them the attention they deserve. They ran into a sex scandal last year, I believe. Which is when I found them.

But back to this year, this is the teaser for “Rilla Go,” which is the group’s 3rd single. It has a “George of the Jungle” thing going on, wild boys meet the big city, if you know what I mean.

Watch the teaser here:


Like DGNA?



Web Page




Source: POOM Entertainment

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