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I Am So Late On This: Minho’s ‘I’m Him’ MV

Wow, yeah, so fucking late. BUT MY BBY!!! Minho, my cute lil shithead of a bias in WINNER, released a solo music video for the single, “I’m Him” which is on the group’s debut album, “2014 S/S.”

OH MY GOD!!! Just when I thought I couldn’t love this little shit more. UGH! I love his song. Now. while attitude wise in the music video, he seems to be channeling G-Dragon, I feel that since he’s new, yeah, he’s gonna take on some mannerisms of his sunbaes, but he will come into his own make his own ‘thing,’ y’know?

How we all know it’s a Taeyang thing, or it’s a TOP thing, Minho will get his thing, and he’ll rock that shit. You’ll see.

Watch the music video here:





Web Page




Source: WINNER YouTube

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