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Boyfriend’s Comeback…Is Okay

Alright, before you come after me with your torches and pitchforks, let me just say this: it was a valiant effort.

Choreography: bomb ass, especially when they all dropped to the floor in a circle and did that scorpion thing

Song: Great, catchy even.

Plot: ehhh

Boyfriend‘s Acting: /sobs tears. and not happy ones/

The song is catchy, but the plot was iffy. I get that Red Riding Hood, who for this music video is a witch, was murdering people with the ‘BF’ mark, and befriended Boyfriend, who I’m going to assume are vampires…or magicians. Fanged magicians.

Anywho, she comes after them, and KILLS THEM ALL. Like, there are fucking six of you…come on! Second comeback where they epik-lly failed.

Overall, “Witch” is a good song, but a weird video.

Watch the music video here:

I saw someone compare them to VIXX, saying that Boyfriend’s dark concept wasn’t as good and to leave that sort of stuff to VIXX. While I do agree that VIXX are the best at the dark concepts, you shouldn’t make those sorts of comments. ON THE OFFICIAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL. You just asking to get your ass chewed by Best Friends.


The single isn’t out yet. Not until midnight, anyway.

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Source: Starshiptv YouTube

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