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VIXX Release Highlight Medley For ‘Error’

VIXX, our Halloween group, as I have affectionately named them, are making a comeback with their 2nd mini album, “Error.” I saw them at KCON this year and seriously, they are so amazing live.

Sorry, got off track. Anyway, the mini album has 7 tracks:

1. Intro(가제)
2. Error
3. After Dark
4. 청춘이 아파
5. Time Machine
6. What U Waiting For
7. Error(Instrumental)

Sadly “Steel Heart” is indeed just an intro (saw a question about it on YouTube), which sucks because it sounds bomb ass. The album will drop at midnight on the 14th, and the music video will be released an hour later.

Watch the medley here:


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Source: RealVIXX YouTube

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