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Akdong Musician’s ‘Time & Fallen Leaves’ Is Air

I LOVE Akdong Musician. That is no secret to you guys…and shouldn’t be to anyone else. They surprised fans with their latest single, “Time & Fallen Leaves,” and OH MY GOD, THIS SONG IS AIR!!!

It’s beautiful, somber…ugh it just matches the autumn season so much. Not just the title but…ugh! The song is perfect. PERFECT. You know when you love a group or artist so much that your heart tenses up when you hear their music?

I just…they give me feelz, yo.

Listen to the song here:


The rumor is that there won’t be a music video because Papa YG wants us to each imagine our own story, rather than being given one. I think that’s pretty poetic.

Like the song? Buy it on iTunes!

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