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Throwback Thursday: (Just) Seotaiji


/heavy breathing/





I LOVE SEOTAIJIIIIIIII! Not to mention he’s making a comeback, but before we get to that, we totally need to look at some of my favorite songs.

that’s right.

I used ‘totally’

Because Seotaiji is ‘totally’ cool

He’s the godfather of K-Pop for Goodness-googly-moogly’s sake!


Let’s start with “Human Dream,” possibly the most bubble-gummiest song and music video he’s ever done. He’s even in a pink room filled with dancing power rangers. And the song rocks my socks.

This is from his 8th album, “Atomos,” released in 2008.


And next let’s go to a more somber song, “(Bermuda) Triangle,” which was my first Seotaiji song. I found this while wandering around on YouTube. Funny name, catchy thumbnail, BADAM! Hooked. Instant favorite, and always my favorite solo song from him. This is also from “Atomos.”



Here is the title track, “Ultramania,” from his sixth album, and it’s the only music video released. The album was released in 2000, and was his first comeback in Korea since 1998.


Check out his discography on iTunes!!!!!!


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