Sorry About My Hiatus…(es)

I’ve been working a lot lately as well as trying to switch shifts so that it’s easier for me to blog and have a personal life.

My hours right now don’t allow for me to do that. By the time I get off everything is either closed or closing, and I’m so damn exhausted that I can barely force myself to write anything until the weekend, and I’m slacking even then.

Good news though, I had a chance to work second shift yesterday and impressed my superiors, so that might be very good for me (as well as you, dear readers).

Yesterday was also my most productive day in almost a month. Hopefully I can switch and give you more quality articles. Because I know you deserve better, with your subscribing and whatnot, which I am ever grateful for.

I love writing and sharing my opinion, and I also love that you want to read it as well, and I think that you deserve to have something new more often.

Thank you for your patience,


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