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Seotaiji X IU ‘소격동’

Seotaiji has made a comeback.

I REPEAT, SEOTAIJI HAS MADE A COMEBACK, and it’s in collaboration with Korea’s girl-next-door and national sweetheart, IU. The single is titled, “소격동 (Sogyeokdong),” which is the name of a village.

I thought it would be a duet, but each of them released a version, and each one tells a different part of the story. Watch IU’s first, then Seotaiji’s. I hear there’s a director’s cut that’s yet to be released, which should fit the missing pieces together.

Watch both music videos here:



Buy the IU version of the single on iTunes!!!!




Buy the Seotaiji version of the single on iTunes!!!!!!


English translation provided by YouTuber:

I walk alone the narrow alley stairway we used to walk together.

The deep, old scent brush past me.

The day I left you, In fact, I was···.

I will live in this village where icicles hanging from the eaves under the lamps and sparrow sound sweet.

Do you remember 소격동(Village in Korea where seotaiji spend his childhood)?

It’s the same as there was.

Very late at night, white snow covered the village.

As the snow settled gently, my heart fluttered.

I couldn’t sleep a wink that night.

Please stay awake.

When you open your eyes, it vanishes.

One day suddenly the deep creek was drying up.

My little heart would dried up like the creek.

I was putting all the things of you in my eyes.

The day was full of ordinary day.

And then one day the world turned upside down, so hold onto it tight.

For a little while, it vanishes.

I don’t want to forget though,

I don’t even have a picture of there.

Just repeat it over and over,

I just struggle.





Source: Seotaiji YouTube

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