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Red Velvet Release 2nd Single MV, ‘Be Natural’

The girls of Red Velvet are finally making a comeback with their 2nd single, “Be Natural,” featuring SM Rookie 14B, Taeyong, which every SM fangirl seemed to lose their shit over when his rap video came out.

Also, random note, you do NOT know how tempted I was to use Red Velvet cupcakes as the cover photo.

So tempting.

Anywho, this is a complete 180 from “Happiness,” this is all sexy R&B, and I don’t even know what to think of Red Velvet anymore. What kind of group are they? Are they going to fit the stereotype of groups outside of SM, where most of them switch concepts every time and its always something different?

Because within the Top 4 companies (YG, SM, JYP, CUBE) I know what sort of sound I’m going to get with an artist, even if they switch concepts. Now, I don’t even know.

This is a remake of an old S.E.S song, for those of you who don’t know, S.E.S was SM’s most successful girl group back in the 90’s and early 2000’s. The song is from their 4th album, “A Letter From Greenland,” and was originally released in 2000.

Original Version:

RV Version:


Which is your favorite version?

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