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NOM’s Long Awaited Comeback…Yes Please!

Let’s see, no shirts, check, chains, tats and tight pants? Yep. N.O.M is back.

HNNNNG~ N.O.M are back and this is WAAAAY overdue. I loved their debut, and they’ve come back with “Nature of Man,” their latest single. The music video seems to tell a story of a man who’s in love with a woman, but she’s actually a doll…but I can’t tell if it’s because he’s plain crazy, or if a real woman left him/died and he’s replacing her.

The song is amazing, and the aesthetic of the song/video are perfect for Halloween!

Watch the music video here:


They have a B-Side single, “Slow and Sure,” which according to iTunes, is slightly more popular. It does sound pretty good though. Both songs are worth checking out, so don’t forget to buy the single on iTunes!

Like N.O.M?










Source: NOMEntLive YouTube

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