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K-Indie Picks: Cannibal Heart 10.7.14

Today I’ve decided to make a playlist of Cannibal Heart videos. The two original members, Andoni and Joey have been joined by two new members, Jung-Ho and Jay. They’ve been performing around Korea for a while now, and have been putting up live videos of their gigs.

Otherwise, Joey is doing some sort of ‘Big Brother‘ type show, and you might see a snippet of the boys somewhere in there if you’re watching it.

The film crew is excited to film us #cannibalheart #weregonnabeontv #realitytv #rocknroll #rockshow #클럽타 #칸니발하트 #mbc #락쇼 (via CH facebook)


Let’s get started, shall we? Let’s see if YouTube will even let me make a playlist…ok so noooo. /Fuck YouTube/ *shakes fist This week I’m going to post my favorite live performances. Watch them below:


Super Darling


This is “Gabrielle,” which is on their debut mini album, “What Lies Beneath,” This one of their most recent performances at Didim Hall.


This is one of their most recent performances of “Miracles,” performed at GOGOS 2.


And here is “Throw You Away,” which was also performed recently at Didim Hall.


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