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Random Music Monday: Switch

Well…what a way to end your Monday, I suppose. That is, if you want to see was 4L is up against. Switch is a girl group from Star Cubic, and started out as the group la_tte.

La_tte debuted in August of 2012 with “Don’t Stop.”

After losing a few members, they changed their name and became Switch. They later released their debut single, “Shake.” They’ve recently come to my personal attention, because they’ve been getting a lot of exposure for their sexy concepts such as “Bikini” and their latest endeavor, “39도” (degrees C).

I compared them to 4L because like them I found this sexy concept to be…over the top. See for yourself. Their latest single, “39도.”

Watch the music video here:


Like the song? Buy it on iTunes!

Like Switch?


Daum Cafe




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