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Morning Musume Rock My Night With ‘Tiki Bun’

Morning Musume have released a music video!Sure, all they do is dance in a warehouse, but this song is pretty catchy…on another note, wasn’t this warehouse recently used in a C-ute music video????

Just curious, it looks similar. Anywho, “Tiki Bun” is the group’s 57th single. ‘Tiki Bun,’ for those of you who don’t know, is the Japanese equivalent of how to make the DJ noise, like in English, ‘frekeke’ or whatever (it was explained in the comments section, I’m not hip on DJ-ing lingo).

The girls’ outfits look nice, the song is catchy, and my dear Sayumi is beautiful as always ❤

The single will be released on the 15th of October!

Watch the music video here:


Like MM?










Source: Morning Musume ’14 YouTube

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