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Worldwide Wednesday: All About That Bass

NO TREBLE! I’M ALL ABOUT DAT BASS, BOUT DAT BASS, NO TREBLE! Unlike Nicki Minaj, when Meghan Trainor sings about plus size women’s backsides, there’s a lot less bashing on skinny chicks in her debut smash hit, “All About That Bass.”

You can tell them skinny bitches I~” while I don’t particularly like that lyric because, you know, body shaming any person, any size for any reason is WRONG, it’s a lot better than,

FUCK THEM SKINNY BITCHES, FUCK THEM SKINNY BITCHES!” Personally, anyway. Besides this lyric, the song overall is quite catchy and stuck in my head.

I listened to it because I heard she plagiarized Koyote‘s “Happy Mode” and another artist (Phish, “Contact“). Double trouble my dear, tsk tsk.

But I can’t get this song out of my head, so here you go.

Watch the music video here:


Like the song? Buy it on iTunes!

The rest of her debut mini album, “Title” is pretty amazing as well. She has a throwback R&B-meets-doowop thing going on and I’m really digging it, so check it out!


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