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K-Indie Picks 9.24.14

I’m going to go out of the norm, and just list 12 of my favorite songs. It’s a Top 12  kind of day today. I’ve made another one of these on another website, so I’m going to add a few different videos.

These songs are in no particular order, and may or may not have official music videos.

Reasons why I love these songs:

1. They rock my socks

2. They’ve made me weep

3. They sound pretty damn cool

4. I can drink coffee to them


#1 WHOwho’s “Her”


#2 From The Airport’s “Chemical Love”


#3 Urban Zakapa’s “Coffee”


#4 Besweet’s “Can’t Stop”


#5 Lucia’s “Will You Love Me For One Season Like A Flower?”


#6 Red Velvet’s “The Day After We Broke Up”

Also, if anyone has deets on this group, please email me. My business email can be found on my Tumblr. I’d really like to contact this band, but I can’t find info on them, and I’ve sent two emails to the distribution company already.


#7 Tell and Listen


#8 Yoonmirae’s “Black Happiness


#9 Jung In’s “Rainy Season”


#10 Neon Bunny’s “It’s You”


#11 Smells feat. Neon Bunny “Listen To Your Heart”


#12 Love X Stereo’s “Storm”


What are your favorite K-Indie songs? This list was so much harder to make than I thought it was going to be….decisions decisions! Many wonderful songs got left out, but that’s what happens when I restrain myself from listing out discographies!


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