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Worldwide Wednesday: Destiny’s Child

I’m not going to get too much into their history, but let’s say besides TLC, these ladies were the only other girl group I listened to as a kid. They were the biggest girl group when I was growing up, and even sang the theme song to “The Proud Family,” the only animated cartoon on Disney that featured African American and Latino characters. And one white chick.

Her name was Zoey.

But that’s not important. What IS important, is Destiny’s Child‘s awesomeness. Michelle, Kelly and Beyonce have all gone on to release solo work, Kelly and Beyonce headed towards R&B while Michelle headed towards Gospel. Of course, out of the three, we know that Beyonce is the most popular out of the three.

That’s nice.

Still hoping for a comeback. A GOOD comeback.

Not like that shitty N*Sync ‘comeback.’

*Random Fact: Destiny’s Child started out as a four member group. The original third and fourth members and one replacement both got kicked out/left, and the group continued with just three members from then on out.

Anywho…on to my favorite songs!

Jumpin’ Jumpin” was the first song I remember hearing when it came out on “Now That’s What I Call Music 6.” “Survivor” was my and my older sister’s jam, and “Say My Name” has also always been a favorite.

Emotions” was on their holiday album, “8 Days of Christmas,” I loved that album to death as a kid. And let’s not forget “Soldier,” from their final album, “Destiny Fulfilled.”






Like Destiny’s Child? Buy their stuff on iTunes!


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