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Throwback Thursday: Diva

Ex Roo’ra member Chae Ri-Na primarily created, produced and was a part of hip hop group Diva from its inception in 1997 until she left in 1999, and was replaced by member Lee Min Kyung.

The two other original members consisted of leader Vicky, and Ji Ni, who was also Chae Ri-Na’s cousin. The group went on to release 8 albums, which was rather unheard of back then seeing as how the grand majority of girl groups never made it to their 6th album. They also released a best-of album, a mini album, English album (Taiwanese release only) and two OST tracks.

The group disbanded in 2005 after the release of their last album, “Only Diva,” and went on to pursue solo activities.

Members Ji Ni participated in season 3 of Project Runway Korea and placed 4th, Vicky wed and had children, and Lee Min Kyoung acts in musicals such as “Singin’ In the Rain” and “On Air 2.”

With my battery about to die, here is “Joy” and “Up and Down


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