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Ladies Code Release Music Video For ‘I’m Fine Thank You’ As Tribute To Lost Members

Recently, members EunB and RiSe lost their lives in  a tragic car accident. Member Sojung is still in the hospital recovering from the injuries she sustained in the same accident.

I am not a hardcore LAVELY, but I have followed them from their “Bad Girl” days, and am sincerely sorry that the lives of two young girls was lost in this horrible accident. After Ladies Code, two more accidents involving idols, Seungri and JB were also in car accidents. And for those in K-Pop long enough, who can forget Super Junior and Daesung‘s car accidents?

The driving conditions in Korea are not safe, and sadly Seungri’s accident is considered ‘normal.’ I wish as an international K-Pop fan and person in general, that people would educate themselves on driving safety, so as to minimize the death toll from accidents every year, and to make driving safer for Korean citizens, in and outside the vehicle.

My hopes are not much, but they are all I can give from here.

As a fan, I hope the best for the girls who are still here, and hope for a full recovery for Sojung, and that the next six months of recovery are good for her and the other members.

The music video is filled with compilations of videos from live performances and backstage footage of the girls, mainly the two lost, EunB and RiSe, who were also best friends. The song is from their past mini album, “Pretty Pretty,” released on September 5th, 2013.

Watch the music video here:


항상 밝고 이쁜 모습으로 우리 곁을 지켜주던

권리세 그리고 고은비

하늘나라에서 영원히 행복하길 빌어봅니다.

리세야, 은비야


그리고 너무 사랑해

RiSe…EunB, we hope you’re forever happy in heaven. Thank you. We love you.”









Source: LADIES CODE YouTube


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