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J-Indie Picks 9.16.14

I stayed home from work today because of the flu and figured I’d send this out on time today. Saw one of my favorite J-Rock bands in indie made a comeback, got to excited and headbanged. My eyes are watering and I’m dizzy as fuuuuuck.

It was only 5 seconds, I wasn’t even doing it hard.

I hate being sick.

It fucking sucks.

But at least we’ll be on time today.

Are you ready? Watch the playlist here:

So YouTube is being super dumb and won’t let me make a playlist >_> Fuck you too, YouTube. So just watch the videos individually below:


First up is My First Story with their latest single, “Fukagyaku Replace,” which is on their upcoming single, set to release on the 24th, which also includes the B-side single, their cover of Taylor Swift‘s, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”






Next up is Backdate November, with “Red Envelopes.” Its a breakup song and it’s punk-ish and angsty. Today is cold and dreary. It’s a match made in heaven, really. Just watch the video, you’ll understand.

This is from their self titled album, which is set to release in October.







The Coridras are next with their latest single, “My Name Is,” and it’s a bomb ass song. Buy it over at Tower.jp.

I don’t have much to say, it’s just an overall amazing song, and that you should check them out.






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