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Throwback Thursday: 1TYM

I can’t take it anymore. I must share my love of these dorks with you all! For those of you who have been readers for awhile, I absolutely ADORE 1TYM.

1TYM are love

1TYM are life

1TYM is also my ultimate bias group, and contains my male ultimate bias, Teddy Park. Though I do love the other three dorks. (You’ll find out why they’re dorks later)

1TYM debuted in November 28th, 1998 with their debut album, “One Time For Your Mind,” and released their debut track, “1TYM.” And yes, the title of the album is what their name stands for. They also released a second music video for the track, “Good Love,” which has more of a pop sound to it, although the majority of the album is hip-hop.

In 2000, the boys came back with their second album, “2nd Round,” which featured the song, “Ready or Not Yo!” in Korean, featuring YG‘s newest girl group at the time, Swi.T, along with an English version with their sunbaes, Perry and Jinusean. This also contained the song, “One Love,” which is one of the group’s most popular songs to date, and was penned by leader, Teddy. The other song featured on the album with a music video is their lesser known single, “You and I Together as One,” which is the pop-iest song on the album.

On their 3rd album, “Third Time Fo Yo Mind,” which was released the next year, contained the songs, “Nasty,” “Mother,” and “Make It Last,” all which have music videos. The song “Sucky Busta” samples the 1980’s American hit from the classic movie, “Ghost Busters.”

On their 4th album, released in 2003, they released music videos for “Hot 뜨거” “Cry,” and “Without You,” which, due to its use on “Reply/Answer Me 1997,” is their most popular music video to date.

In 2004 member Danny switched his name to Taebin for the solo promotion of his album, “Taebin of 1TYM.” He collaborated with fellow YG artists, Jinusean, Perry, Se7en, Wheesung, Kim Ji Eun, and Gu Hye Sun made an appearance in the music video for “Every Time I Close My Eyes.”

A second music video was in the works for “Tabu,” featuring fellow 1TYM member Teddy, but the lyrics of the song were deemed too inappropriate and was banned from Korean airwaves. Thus, the cancellation of the music video.

In 2005, they released their 5th album, “One Way,” which contained Taebin’s solo song, “Take It Slow” and Baek Kyoung‘s solo song, “Super Funk,” not to mention “How Many Times, “Do You Know Me,” and “Can’t Let You Go,” the latter three which have music videos.

That year, member Jinhwan left for compulsory military service. That’s about the time when promotional and musical activities subsided for the group. Baek Kyoung and Jinhwan were rumored to be running a curry restaurant together, Teddy, as we know is YG Entertainment’s star producer, and Danny has his show, “Danny From LA,” co-hosted by Asian American comedian Kevin, but currently co-hosted by Dumbfoundead.

Baek Kyoung recently worked on Lee Hi’s single, “Rose,” and Teddy still produces/writes/composes for YG artists. Danny, as many know (and I have personally seen) along with his hosting duties of “DFLA,” also hosts the annual Hallyu convention, KCON.

Fan Color: Black

Fan Name: Hip Hop Village

You can watch all their music videos here:















Sadly, you cannot buy their music on iTunes…have fun scouring eBay, Amazon and the like.

That’s not sarcasm, that’s where I found mine.

Guess what? /Giggles/ Their fan cafe is still open!

1TYM FanCafe


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