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John Park Goes Psycho In ‘U’

Before I begin let’s clarify the plot (which is still a bit fuzzy to me, but here we go):

Guy is psycho

Guy stalks girl

Pretty sure he killed her

Guy feels guilty

Guy kills self


Okay, so with the plot out of the way, let’s focus on John Park, who’s lookin mighty fine as hell~ And this song is AMAZING~ Many people are saying that it sounds somewhat like One Republic‘s “Counting Stars.” He didn’t borrow or buy the song or melody, but it DOES have a distinct UK Pop sound, as the singer confessed.

And sadly no, he will not be performing this live. He wants the song to keep its theme.

The actor that switches between himself and John Park is none other than Bang Tae Eun from “Korea’s Next Top Model.”

The song is amazing, and I’m glad he’s made a comeback.

Watch the music video here:


Like the song? Buy it on iTunes!

Like John Park?







SourcE: 1theK YouTube


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