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It’s So Good With Jay Park (MV + Choreo)

Jay Park recently released his second album, “Evolution,” and sadly I missed it. I’ve missed a lot of shit lately. So anyway, check out his single, “So Good,” he’s bringin the moves with the MJ swag not to mention the “Thriller” jacket.

The song, as most of his songs are, is dope. I love the way he makes his music. It’s fresh and he has his own style.

Watch the music video here:


EDIT: got so caught up in the songs, I forgot to add the choreography video. Here y’all go so sorry:


Let’s not forget the pre-released single, “The Promise,” which I also missed. A nice R&B daaaaaaamn y’all heard that at 2:54 right? Goddamn honey! Well, there go my ovaries.

Watch the music video here:


Like these songs? Me too, you should buy the album on iTunes!

Like Jay Park?










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