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2PM Ride In With ‘Go Crazy’

Ummmmm…when my friend described this as ‘schizophrenic’ I thought she was overreacting. Now, I do understand that the music video is supposed to be crazy, since the song title is, “Go Crazy.” However, I think the coordi-noonas have it out for everyone but Taecyeon and Woohyun, because they’re the only ones that don’t look like they raided an Ahjussi’s closet.

/just sayin/

Poor Nickhun.

Even though I’ve been dying for a 2PM comeback for the longest time…this isn’t quite what I was expecting. The song is a mess most of the time, and the only part that sort-of-but-not-really saves it is the chorus. This song was composed by member Jun.K. I choose to blame him.

As a Hottest, I can honestly say…that I don’t like this song. Nope. Sorry. But, form your own opinion. Maybe you like the song. Maybe you think the guys look sexy…*giggles. Tell me in the comments below why you do or don’t like this song/video.

Watch the music video here:


The song is not yet available for download. But when it is, it will be on the 4th album of the group by the same name.

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Source: jypentertainment YouTube


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