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My Journey To KCON: Day 3-4 in Cali + Day 2 of KCON + End of Trip Thoughts

Ah, Sunday! We got up a bit late, got ready, and headed to Venice! I had never seen the beach or ocean before, not with real sand anyway. So we made our journey there. At some point we stopped at IN & OUT, and I have to say that it was one of the most delicious burgers I’ve ever had in my life.

Sometime before/after that (like I said in the first article of this, I got less than 8 hours of sleep my whole time in California), we made it to the beach. My friends made me close my eyes until the ocean was visible from where we were standing.

Oh my God, you guys it’s Beautifullllll. There are no words to describe my joy as I stood on the beach and looked out onto the rolling waves of the ocean. It took me back to my plane ride on Friday morning. The awe of something new.

We took pics and stayed for about 25 minutes. we went along the shops and saw muscle beach as well, before heading off. I tell you, parking is a bitch AND expensive in Cali. We took maybe half an hour to park and it cost us around $20 got back after the beach, it jumped up to about $25.

So after that, commenced our second day of KCON.

We walked around, did some shopping, I won some shampoo, a coffee mug, I got a free t-shirt, several free bags from getting the merchandise, food. We got literally a handful of free wristbands from a booth because they had too many, free shirt, I bought my G-Dragon shirt and nearly cried ($30). I got a GD fan, and several free fans throughout my stay at KCON (I think I came home with 4 or 5).

During the day, we saw Shin B perform, and damn does that girl have stage presence. She was joined onstage by JD Relic, who has worked with U-KISS and B1A4. I met them, and they are very nice people. Shin B is so sweet.

We also got to see DanAKADan perform, and I met him, shook his hand and bought his album. My favorite track is “Til,” but damn do I wish I had an mp3 for his freestyle. That was amazing.


Yeah, we did some shopping, had more of the honey comb ice cream (my God, it was hella hot y’all. And I’m from Iowa. Shit out here is all wack.) I also picked up a *whisper JYP CD for a discounted price since it was the end of the convention.


So with our shopping (what measley shopping I did do) done, we headed to the concert. I was once again super stoked to see Danny Im, but I also saw Jung Joon Young, BTS, CNBLUE, SPICA, and Girls Generation!!!!!

I screamed my little SONE heart out. Especially when they played my song, “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie),” and the surprise acoustic performance of “Into The New World.”

So with our KCON experience over, we headed to the car, and on our way we saw some smart vendors selling merchandise. Smart. very smart.

We had a bittersweet moment when we realized that our journey was nearly complete. We were almost done.

We later headed out with some of the guys from YC. We went to a restaurant in Koreatown, went to get some boba tea (which tasted great, but so much chewing. So much) and then to noraebong. It was really fun.

Lychee flavored. Yum!
Lychee flavored. Yum!

Afterwards, we went to our new hotel. We spent a little time together, but then I had to leave early to catch my plane. I got lost IN the hotel, ran OUTSIDE of the hotel, still couldn’t find my way to the front, went back IN, found my way to the lobby, got OUT and that ended THAT heart attack.

Once at the airport, I got sent 50 bajillion different directions, finally made it onto the plane, slept, spent a few hours in Chicago airport, ate McDonalds, got onto my flight home, and then spent a lot of time uploading stuff and talking to people rather than sleeping.

Which was a terrible idea. Cuz work the next day was NOT fun. At all. It was horrible.

Closing thoughts:

It was the time of my life. I don’t regret anything, other than not having the cahones to go see Danny Im while he was on the outside stage. Or eating more food. UGH! fooooood. I had a wonderful time, thanks to my friends Alona, JanaLee and Nicola. Also thanks to David (Chad Future) and the other guys (I’m terrible with names, FORGIVE ME!!!!!), and the guys of ABC (American Breakfast Club, formerly Young Creation). You all were so wonderful.

I can’t wait to get back on the plane for next year. Thinking about staying a week next year. In a not-so-shitty hotel. Imma eat more food! Buy more stuff! See more things! Bring some damn sunscreen!

I’ll post my concert videos up next. 🙂 Thanks for joining me on my journey!

Enjoy more pics:

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