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A.KOR Release ‘But Go’ MV

So despite my dislike of member Kemmy, lets take another look at A.KOR who have added two new members, Tae Hee and Da Ya. This is their second single, “But Go,” and it’s a definitely an improvement from “PayDay.”

As far as ‘hip-hop’ goes, it’s K-Pop ‘hip-hop,’ and it’s okay. They’re a baby 2NE1! Except I don’t hate anyone in 2NE1. I will support A.KOR, but I shall always give Kemmy the stink eye.

>_> no me gusta.

Anyway, I really like this song, and what I find as a plus is that the music video reminds me of 1TYM‘s “Do You Know Me?” Where they too hung out in an abandoned warehouse with their crew and tortured someone.

I like it. I like it a lot.

Watch the music video here:


This song is not yet available for download.

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Source: republic doo YouTube


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