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Let’s Catch Up With S/Mileage!

S/Mileage has released two music videos (4 if you count dance versions) since I have been so busy with work. Catching up with all the J-Pop I missed, let’s start out with S/Mileage and their single, “Earth Helps Grow Love Again Today.”

Watch the music video here:


Sadly with a lot of Hello!Project music videos, there’s not much of a plot, but rather camera pans of members with an overly simple set. Sometimes it works, a lot of times I’m wishing for more. Which is why I like dance versions because I expect nothing.

Watch the dance version here:


I really like the song, and if you guys know me at all, you know how much of a sucker I am for the saxophone…which just makes this song doubly awesome! This is the first of two songs from their single, “嗚呼 すすきの/地球は今日も愛を育む.” The second song is titled, “Oh Susukino.”

Watch the music video here:


Damn this is catchy for a break up song. I really like it, and LOOK, A PLOT, ish. The girls are contemplating the reason for their break up, and I’m so glad there’s lines and not just them looking longingly into the camera.

Watch the dance version here:


I find it a bit odd that the dialogue is a part of the song, but their dancing is great, nonetheless.

These songs were released on August 20th, and both are available for purchase on iTunes!

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Source: S/Mileage YouTube

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