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Juice=Juice Come Back With ‘背伸び’

Not too late for this one I see! Juice=Juice has made their comeback with “背伸び,” aka “Stretching To Be A Grown Up.” It’s about them going to a club in their sister’s clothes, falling in love but losing themselves.

There’s this ‘whoa whoa whoa’ in between the verses. It detracts a little bit, and honestly, I think “Black Butterfly” was better. The girls are super cute, and their dancing is as good as it’s always been, but there’s less energy, less excitement.

Watch the music video here:


This is one of the two songs on their upcoming single. The other song is, “伊達じゃないのよ うちの人生は” which hasn’t had a music video released yet. The single will be released on…October 1st.

Goddammit. No, can’t be normal and be a few days or weeks ahead of the single. Dammit.

I hate waiting.

Anywho, yeah. You can pre-order it on Amazon(J)!

Like C-ute?









Source: Juice=Juice YouTube


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