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Friday Flicks: Roommate Diaries

So, I just sat down and tried to watch “Roommate Diaries,” the series from Taiwan I was uber excited about because it stars one of my favorite singers, Show Luo. Yeah…the episodes on Viki right now are only 10 minutes or so each.

Disappointed, but I’ll try to find it elsewhere. From the few minutes of the first episode that I HAVE seen, it’s pretty funny and I can’t wait to watch the whole episode!

If you don’t want to wait for Viki, there’s a website that has links to download the drama with English subs (you guys know I’m not patient) so I’ll post the link below.

If you see an empty space, the video I put below is not working. The video is supposed to be the Viki episode of the first episode of “Roommate Diaries.” If not, you’ll just see the link to the other site.

I hope you’ll enjoy this drama with me!



Edit: Just found out the uploader with the subs dropped this drama ‘like a hot banana’. But you can get the raw episodes here.

Sorry guise. I just read the comments. T^T


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