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Album Review of Super Junior’s ‘Mamacita’

Super Junior not only recently gained back two of my biases this year (Heechul and Leetuk) but they’ve also made a comeback with their 7th Korean studio album, “Mamacita.”

I have been waiting for this comeback since Heechul came back. Super Junior has made their first comeback in 2 years, and I’m so happy.

Watch the music video for their title single, “Mamacita” here:


I fell in love with the song almost instantly. Which leads me to the album.

Mamacita – What isn’t to love about this song? The very beginning with the ‘uh huh’ made me think of “No Diggity,” but the similarities for THAT end right there. The whole song just has this retro R&B vibe, that makes it seem like it’s not even from this year. Tha ‘ay ya ya ya ya‘ parts are super catchy, and the instrumental is bomb ass.

The only part of the song that made me cringe was Shindong‘s ‘Close your mouth and shut your tongue.’ That was painful, yo. Eunhyuk‘s rap however, ~squees~ Perfection. And Kyuhyun and Ryeowook‘s notes on this song were wonderful.

Midnight Blues – another retro sounding R&B song. This is a lot smoother than “Mamacita,” and I’m loving it. There is nothing I can say to even describe the perfection of this song. Sadly it’s one of the least popular according to iTunes.

Evanesce – Okay, you can stop being perfect now. I can find no complaints for this song either. Damn your album for being awesome.

Raining Spell For Love – It has a driving beat that brings the song into the chorus, which sounds very anthem-y. I like these kinds of songs. Eunhyuk’s rap is pretty awesome too.

Shirt – It has a Latin beat, who knew a song called ‘Shirt’ could be so catchy. *dances. /falls/ oh yeah, I can’t do that. But it’s a super catchy song. It’s not one of my favorite songs, but it’s worth listening to because it’s a great dance song.

This is Love – You know what love is? This song. I love it. It’s life. My favorite song on the album. UGH~! Super Junior, WHY YOU GIVE ME FEELS?

Let’s Dance – It’s funky and got a big-band vibe as many Super Junior songs have, and it’s pleasant to listen to, though not anywhere near the top of my list.

Too Many Beautiful Girls – It’s a happy-go-lucky summer song, and oddly sounds like a SHINee song at some points…eh. It’s okay.

Mid-season – A mellow happy song. I like these. It sounds like it needs to be on a drama OST where the main leads are on their first date or when a group of friends go shopping.

Island – A beautiful ballad to end an exciting roller coaster of an album. I don’t really like ballads, but this one sounds very relaxing and beautiful.


Like the album? Buy it on iTunes!

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