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My Journey To KCON: Day 2 in Cali (Day 1 of KCON Day 2 of Cali)

So I woke up about 6 or 7, I was really psyched for the day. It took a while for us to get ready, but we got our complimentary coffee/tea and muffin, and piled into Alona’s car. With our stuff.

We had a problem with the hotel, and were promised that it would be fixed when we got back, as well as getting a new room.

So we headed to KCON. After searching for a parking spot, an attendant was nice enough to show us a place to park. We had been going in circles for what seemed like forever. Two out of the four of us had press passes, but we ran into some trouble with parking anyway.

Once me and my friend without a press pass had made it into the convention, we waited for the others, and once they had to go into their press conferences and everything, we walked around.

I don’t speak much Korean, but my friend worked for a Korean company for a little while, and we made our way around a couple booths, and let me tell you, as little Korean as I speak, I spoke more Korean in those two days than I have eveeeer.

While we were in the booths, we got some free samples, and the second day is actually when we did more shopping. I DID buy some cream from one of the stalls the first day though, it was the honey comb ice cream (see this EYK vid) and some of the most delicious chicken wings I’ve ever tasted.

honey comb ice cream + garlic chicken wing
honey comb ice cream + garlic chicken wing

I also won a KCON mug, and dry shampoo. I also have a tub of gochujang, but that’s in Cali. I have to wait for that to be sent.

Anyway, I saw the set list for the outside performances, and lo and behold…Jhameel.


I love Jhameel and made it very clear to my friend that was with me that we HAD to see his performance because he was an amazing singer and I loved him so much. After playing around and exploring the convention area, getting our goodie bags, I had a short meetup with some of the USNasties that had made it, etc, we finally made it to the stage.

He was in the middle of a song when we got there, but we stayed for a good 20 minutes or so. My friend got into a dance battle with one of the crews that had come there, but she expressed her wishes for me not to post it. But, let it be known, I DO have the awesome footage. And she IS a very good dancer.

So we made our way to the front-ish, and we were cheering and screaming, and singing along after a while, and he pointed and smiled at us! EEEEP~ Our group even has a song now: “Collision.”

Listen to the gloriousness that is our song:


Though we do really like “Feisty” too, which he also played before we left. I HAD footage, but my iPod ate it T^T I have no idea how it happened, but it’s gone forever. Though…well, that’s for the next post.

Anyway, after that, we left mid-performance of a song so that we could get our seats into the concert. On our way, My friend pointed something out to me, and I about crapped my pants.


Nope, it was a model for a hair salon, who looked VERY MUCH like G-Dragon. They called him T-Dragon, on account that his real name is Tim. He’s such a sweetheart you guise.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyway, we made our way into the part where we go into the venue, and my friend saw a YouTuber that she really liked and wanted to get a picture. We then proceeded to take pictures with the cardboard cutouts of BTS and G-Dragon.

megd gdme


When we got in there, it was pretty hot, and packed. My friend Alona let me borrow her light stick, and we spent the night fangirling over VIXX, B1A4, IU, Teen Top and G-Dragon of course!

And Danny Im. My little fangirl heart couldn’t take all my YG feels. I sang along (terribly, might I add) to G-Dragon, and to some of everyone else, since I listen to everyone that played that night. But G-Dragon, VIXX and Danny Im were HUGE for me. I’ve loved VIXX since their debut, and GD and Danny of 1TYM are both soooooo awesome.

So after the concert, we went straight to our hotel. We fangirled over Jhameel, and talked, and fangirled. And that’s when I discovered that my Jhameel footage was gone forever. T^T Good thing I was staying two days, huh?

We hung out with Chad Future, David, again. We wanted to see SPICA, but just as we got there, it turns out they performed like 2 songs and left. They were going to do a fan signing too, but they cancelled that. Here’s a pic we took:


That was Day 2 of Cali, Day 1 of KCON. I’m sure I’m missing details, but it was a very eventful day.


Other random photos from my first day of KCON:

fan art my tat signing


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