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BoA Celebrates 14th Year Since Debut

BoA, Queen of K-Pop, is on the verge of making her Japanese comeback with her first full length album in 4 years. Not to mention, recently she celebrated her 14th year since debut!

Her latest Korean activity was her single, “Disturbance,” featuring SHINee member Taemin in the music video, she starred in the movie “Make Your Move” with Derek Hough, Released several Japanese singles, “Tail of Hope,” “Shout It Out,” “Call My Name/Message.” Her latest release, “Masayume Chasing” is the theme song to the ever popular anime, “Fairy Tail.”

She debuted in 2000 with “ID;Peace B,” and in 2002, she debuted in Japan with “Listen To My Heart.” She was the first Korean artist to break through the trading barrier that had restricted export/import of pop culture between the two countries since WWII.

She’s sung in Mandarin, Japanese, and English besides her native Korean. Besides her long career in Korea and Japan, she made a foray into the US market in 2009 with her English debut, “BoA” with her hits “I Did It For Love,” “Energetic” and “Eat You Up.”

From 13 to 27, Korea to Japan to the US, BoA is known as the Queen of K-Pop, and always makes a strong comeback.

Her upcoming comeback is Japanese, and titled, “Who’s Back?” The album is set to release on September 3rd.

Let’s take a look at her career:

















(“Shout It Out” Not Available In US)





You can buy the majority of her works on iTunes!


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