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Orange Caramel’s ‘CopyCat’ Is All Kinds of Fantastic

Why? Because the song is catchy as hell, and WHOA! Is this an original concept or what? It’s a Find It meets Where’s Waldo? It’s absolutely glorious~ This is the 4th single of the sub unit of After School, Orange Caramel.

As a fun promotional activity, Pledis has made a contest! Find out how after you watch the music video.

Watch the music video here:


Contest Rules: 

Main theme of Orange Caramel “My Copycat” is “Find Orange Caramel.
Season 2 that you were waiting for long time is “Find hidden Orange Caramel + Find differences of Orange Caramel” !!!

Mission 1 ” Find the differences in both pictures!”

Find the number of differences in both pictures which states on the top!
Do not think this is an easy task!! It’s getting harder :)!
Stage which states “???” means you have to find how many differences between both pictures!
Let’s find out!!

Mission 2 “Find hidden Orange Caramel!”

Orange Caramel is hiding in this Music video. Please Note there is a huge difference between Level 1!
No other hints are necessary right? :0

Mission 3 “Mr.Cho” Find hidden Sae Ho Cho “

Sae Ho Cho is hiding as a special cameo role in this Music Video!
Where is he hiding?
Not only “Sae Ho Cho”, There are two more PLEDIS artists are hiding in this Music Video!
Please take a careful look on people who are wearing clothes of “Wally”!!

Level of Season 2 is harder than before!
We are sure that there are so many points that you have to find in this Music video!
You may not find those in JUST once. But you have to try!
If you find all the answers than it’s MISSION COMPLETE!!

Oh! there are some points you have to take care about!
That’s because~~

—>People who found all of the missions, please send us the answer to
“pledisfanclub@daum.net” !<—
We choose people who sent us answer and we will send you a CD with Orange Caramel’s signatures and Sketchers shoes ‘golden panda’ which Orange Caramel is wearing
in this Music Video!

It might be more helpful to you if you only know the answer by yourself to get surprise right?
Please do not take over other people’s fun of finding differences!

People who are chosen will be announced on 1st of September.
So please send us the answer until 31st of August!

Finding hidden Orange Caramel will be continued during this promotion!
Coming Soooooooooon!! 🙂


Will you be participating? Only a week left!

Like the song? Buy it on iTunes. And oh my goodness, buy the B-Side song, “Gangnam Ave” because it rocks my socks, ok? It really does. Just do it. Buy them both. DO IIIITT!

Like Orange Caramel? Well…here are their (and AS) Japanese plug ins.




OC Website





Source: Pledis Official Channel YouTube



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