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Kemmy’s ‘I’ll Fly’

Kemmy released a solo music video for her single, “I’ll Fly,” which is an ‘I am the best’ kind of track. There’s a million out there. Including 2NE1‘s…which is better…

That ain’t even me hatin Kemmy for the Bom thing, though that was loooooow. But the song lacks any sort of oomph! and the beat is just so generic. I wanted to give her a chance because hey, I love Jolly V and she dissed my Tymee eonnie.

But this sucks. Plain and simple.

Watch the video here:


I thought about totally ignoring her, or not even posting the SNS links to her group, but her group doesn’t deserve all the hate just because Kemmy made a bad decision.

Like A.KOR?








Source: republic doo YouTube


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