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Friday Flicks: Meteor Garden

As a K-Drama fan, we all should have seen, or at least HEARD of the world-wide phenomenon, “Boys Over Flowers” (꽃보다 남자). However, this is not the first TV version of the famous manga, let alone the first live-action drama adaptation.

Japan has 3 versions: anime, live action film, live action series with 2 seasons, and a film to finish the series. Korea one, China one (and technically a rip off, since they never procured the licence to make the series), America one (and unfinished, might I add).

Taiwan was the first to film a live action drama series, starring F4, aka JVKV, Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, Ken Chu and Vic Zhou. The lead actress was Barbie Hsu, and co starred Rainie Yang. It came out in 2001 with the first season, and the second season aired in 2002.  Oh also, in between there, there’s a mini series, “Meteor Rain,” but Vic is absent due to other activities at the time.

The series was called “Meteor Garden.” It’s very long, and I am emotionally traumatized and over-flowing with feelz.

The first season is very thrilling, fast paced, I laughed, I cried, I loved it. There are 27 episodes

Second season…I’m still not finished. DON’T YOU JUDGE ME, THIS SHIT IS TORTURE! And by ‘shit’ I mean the amnesia and Yesha. Fucking shit y’all, it just don’t end.

I haven’t seen “Meteor Rain.” I was going to watch it in between the two main seasons, but got over excited. I somewhat regret my decision. There are 3 episodes.

The second series is primarily made up of Dao Ming Si‘s (Gu Jun Pyo/Domyouji) amnesia and romance with Yesha, who, in the Korean version, disappears after like 2-3 episodes.

I am on episode 19…of 31.

If you would like to watch this series, as I have stated in previous articles about my love-hate relationship with this show, you may watch it with English subs via Jane M on YouTube.

Viki is starting to upload episodes, but haven’t quite got the whole series up yet.

Watch part 1-5 of the first episode here:

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