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Chubbiness Releases ‘マンマデイーヤ!’ PV

Chubbiness, Japan’s plus size girl group have released a single, “マンマデイーヤ!” The music video is colorful, cute, and each girl is assigned a color. I don’t know if this is necessarily their debut, or just an advertisement.

Girls by color (taken from the comments):

Red : Yaegashi Kotomi
Orange : Asakawa Misaki
Yellow : Horikawa Ami
Yellow-Green : Ikeyama Chiaki
Green : Morimoto Eri
Blue : Takao Sonoko
Indigo : Saihara Marino
Purple : Kawai Akina
Hot Pink : Nakazaki Erina
Baby Pink : Shima Rika

I personally think the music video was a little too focused on food, and not enough on how amazingly vocally talented these girls are and what great dancers they are. I can’t wait for their comeback.

Watch the music video here:


This isn’t a single per se, but rather a slogan song for “ぷに子が日本をHAPPYに.”

Like Chubbiness?










Source: avexnetwork YouTube


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