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Random Music Monday: No Reply

Didn’t even know they existed…prolly why I’m putting them here. 😀

This is No Reply from Happy Robot Records with their song, “Fantasy Train,” from their first full length album in 2009, “road.” This duo consists of members Kwon Sun Gwon (권순관) [Moment] and WookJai Jung [TUNE].

They debuted in 2008 with their mini album, “고백하는 날,” and their most recent activity (besides the music video upload) was their mini album released back in 2011, “Coma.”

The song is very dreamy and light, and the music video, is quite appropriately, a first person point of view train ride. It’s all quite relaxing.

Watch the music video here:


This album, nor any of their other works sadly, is not available on iTunes. However, they do have SNS handles.

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