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WINNER Debut (2 MVs out of 3)

WINNER, YG‘s latest boy band has made quite a splash in the K-Pop world. They’re all over my newsfeed. I knew of them during the show, but I never watched it and I haven’t watched their personal TV show nor have I really ‘followed’ them per se.

Now that they have released music videos however, I shall watch…let’s start with “Empty.” I heard they were releasing 3, but as of right now, the boys have released two music videos for their debut.



STOP NOW, I HAVE ALREADY DECIDED MY BIAS: tis Mino. Now to continue, I’ve heard a lot of positive things about this song, and I’m not disappointed. This song is very mellow, and their vocals are astounding. No auto tune clouding up  the vocals, and Mino’s rapping is beautiful T^T And his lip syncing is pretty on point as well.

The others will need some work, since it’s clear they’ve taken lessons from TOP and Bom…but I shall forgive them since they are new. Another thing is I like how they aren’t so done up with make up and clothes. They weren’t really given a style or concept for their debut, and I really like that. On to the next video:

Color Ring


My lovely Mino kicks off the song again, which I HAVE BEEN LIED TO ABOUT! Well…other people’s opinions. Yeah, I was told the song sucked. WRONG. I find the song has a perfect balance of rap and melody, and the sound of this song quite reminds me of B.A.P, and I’m a huge BABY, so…me likey.

Anyone else notice the bathtub scene? Taebin has been in a bathtub, TOP has been in a bathtub, and now Taehyun is in the bathtub. Full circle. I also find it funny that it’s all the member’s who’s names start with ‘T.’ Good job, YG. Good job.

Okay, so I haven’t heard the album, but I’ll do an album review. They sound nothing like BIGBANG or 1TYM, but I’ll love them anyway, because they’re unique and even with them not pulling anything like their predecessors, I think they can go far.

Their album contains 10 tracks, and I’m looking forward to listening to ‘Confession,’ since I’ve heard tons of good things about that song, and “I’m Him,” because Teddy worked on that song and it’s Mino’s solo.

Like these songs? Buy their debut album, “2014 S/S” on iTunes!









Source: YG Entertainment YouTube (1), (2)


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