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Taemin is ‘Dangerous’ For My Feelz With Solo Debut

I’m about to watch Taemin‘s music video for the first time. I haven’t watched the teaser, but I’ve seen the pics…

Baby needs to put his shirt back on. I HAVE TOO MANY PEDONOONA FEELZ AS IT IS!

This is his single “Danger” for his debut mini album, “Ace of ACE.”

Okay, here it goes…


So…that gun-guitar showed up twice for a total of about 5 seconds, and had no bearing on the ‘plot’ or music video as a whole whatsoever. Those piercings were also unnecessary and really distracting. And there was no real plot. It started out like there might be one, and then looked like SM gave up.

However…that…was very impressive otherwise. The dances, as always from SM, are amazing, and this is no exception. The song, was great. I was in shock the entire time. This? Baby Taemin? NOOOOOO!

But he pulled it off very nicely. This solo debut made me think back to when Justin Timberlake first made his solo debut, and how shocked I was back then.

You made me think of *N SYNC. My favorite childhood boyband. A+ for Taemin.

There are 6 tracks on this mini album, which has yet to be released.

Like SHINee?








Source: SMTOWN YouTube


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