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So while I was in California, I had the honor of meeting several rappers that were performing, and I met a rap crew made up of several charming young men.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Watch the playlist here:


First up is Neil The foreheΔd from Young Creation, who are going through an image change, so now they go by American Breakfast Club. This is Neil, one of the guys I met at IOTA, featuring Young West, the guy who wrote the Korean lyrics for one of Chad Future‘s songs.

This is “Chilling Online,” and is meant to bring back the sound and aesthetics of the 90’s, I know because Neil told me. Cuz we’re cool like that. It’s got a chill vibe and the beats are produced by spooxbeatz.



YC Facebook

YC Website

Neil Twitter

Neil Instagram


Second on the list is DANakaDAN, with a freestyle he did at KCON. He speed rapped, which y’all know is close to my heart, Outsider and all, but the message of the song, and just his charisma when he performs, this man’s got it.

He and Dumbfoundead need to collab. Like ASAP. Dumbfoundead has a low, gravely voice and DANakaDAN’s voice is high and smooth, it would make for a dope track.


Like I said, it’s a freestyle, and I can’t find it anywhere. So download his album instead, “Stuntman.”










Last but not least is the lovely lady MC, SHIN.B, featuring JD Relic on the KCON stage. That shit was tight and I regret NOTHING! By the way, if there is some weird footage of me, I’ll edit that out later. It’s midnight TOMORROW and I have to work early. Enjoy the dopeness! (I’m too tired to care if that’s really a word)


Check her stuff out on iTunes!







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