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My Journey To KCON: Day 1 in Cali (Pre-KCON)

First of all, I am about to say something I thought I would never say, ever.

I am so sorry to Chad Future, aka David. I actually met and hung out with him two days in a row. He is soooooo sweet and polite and really funny and cool. It was like hanging out with one of my dude friends from back in high school.

I am so sorry that I ever doubted his genuine kindness and frankly, he has a kick ass personality.

Here’s the thing, I work on Officially Kmusic, I have since early-ish 2013. My friend is the website manager, and I spent KCON with her, and two other lovely women who I am now great friends with.

#swank (you will understand that later on)

Anyway, I got up at 2:30 in the morning, made sure everything was all good with my packing, which all fit into my backpack (hooray for my one free carry on!) spent about two hours with my grandfather when he drove me to the airport, flew for the first time.

Which was made a lot easier by this one man who just sat down and started talking to me at the airport. “I ride these all the time for work; it’s like taking a bus.”

Which actually worked. Once the plane took off, I began to really appreciate flying. Hey, our ancestors would think this shit is nuts. Burn me at the stake for bein a witch.

That’s what they’d do. But anyway, I got a lay over in Chicago. I didn’t leave the airport, but I checked out the stores, ate at an organic restaurant, I had Kimchi Maki and an Acacia energy drink that made my wallet cry ($18), and got on the plane to LA.

While I was on the plane, I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Grand Canyon and the Rocky Mountains. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Sorry, no photos T^T Thought it would be weird to stick my camera over someone.

Once I got to LA, I waited in the airport for about two hours, I had McDonalds, and I rode the shuttle bus to my hotel. I saw palm trees for the first time in my life, and saw Square Enix‘s office building!

Once I arrived at the hotel, I met my friend Alona for the first time in person. I also met a girl named Nicola and JanaLee. They are some of the sweetest girls.

We had some troubles with the hotel throughout our trip, and I don’t recommend you go to The Adventure hotel in Inglewood, CA anytime. The customer service there is terrible.

Great muffins. Terrible customer service.

Anywho, we dropped our stuff off at the hotel, met a guy named Fran, who is in the rap crew, Young Creation, and we went straight to IOTA in Koreatown. Why you ask? Chad Future’s birthday party. He, a few members of YC and some of David’s crew were hanging out, and they’re really cool guys. David (Chad’s real name) is really down to earth, and downright hilarious.

While we were at IOTA, I was feeling like crap because of jet lag, which, due to never flying I have never experienced before. My new friends JanaLee and Nicola kept giving me water, which really helped. After a while one of the guys from YC, dfla commented on how it looked like I had been drinking vodka all night with all my empty water glasses. >.<

Anyway, David’s crew (the guys in the main photo) are pretty chill as well. We went outside  of IOTA and Chad’s friend took some pretty #swank pics of him and the YC guys.

Chad Future with Some YC members in the outside part of Gang Jung
Chad Future with Some YC members in the outside part of IOTA


After IOTA, we decided to go get something to eat, so we went to Gang Jung, an awesome restaurant, and had their chicken, and that coleslaw like dish with Saracha, and some appetizers that were not so Korean. Everything was great, and we were laughing and talking, it was great. We were there so late, we discovered they were cleaning up and we were the only people left in there. We left, they locked the doors, and we spent a good amount of time outside the mall-like structure talking that they actually turned off the power before we left.

We then were trying to see SPICA, who were playing at the gay club, Glitter. We had some trouble with parking, and by the time we got there, Chad’s friends saw a girl throw up three times, and other hilarities ensued.


We left the restaurant and went outside to talk. We decided to call it a night, and headed our separate ways, off to our hotel for some shut eye, which wasn’t very much. I don’t think I got more than 8 hours of sleep the entire time I was there. It was a complete sensory overload.


Us at Gang Jung
Us at Gang Jung
Still at Gang Jung
Still at Gang Jung

That was my FIRST day in Cali.


The first part of this, I apologized to Chad Future. Let me tell you why: I talked A LOT of shit about Chad Future, David’s persona, A LOT. But you know, when I think back on it, I overreacted. When I met him, he wasn’t stuck up or rude at all like I was led to believe. He didn’t have a cocky attitude, or anything like that. He’s a really sweet, genuine person and I feel terrible about being such a bitch.

I certainly can’t sing in Korean in front of millions of people, let alone be judged on in constantly, trying to make a living in an entertainment field where someone like me, a white girl from the Midwestern US, is probably not wanted.

He’s a pretty great guy, and to be honest, I overreacted on his stuff…I still don’t really like “Got It Figured Out,” but “Rock The World” is pretty cool. But seriously, David. Go all out on the swear words next time.

/For realz tho/

/do it/

I ain’t gonna go ga-ga over him (cuz that would be weird and all, with all the hanging out we did), but I can admit when I’m wrong. And I was wrong. Very, very wrong. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, or an artist by their YouTube comments.

I let the comments dictate my attitude towards his career and personality, and never stopped to form my own opinion. I feel like a dumbass. And I am very sorry.

You do not suck eggs. You’re a pretty cool dude.

BTW we ain’t besties, but he hugged me a couple times (he hugged everybody) and I shook his hand and got to know him better. Seriously, he’s hella hilarious and so relatable, I could have been hanging out with one of my guy friends from back home.


That was Day 1 of my trip to Cali for KCON. Stay tuned for KCON: Day 1


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