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Worldwide Wednesday: Las Canciones De Mi Amor

Okay, ‘so what up with the Spanish title?’ You’re asking yourselves (don’t deny it). It translates to ‘The Songs of My Love,” because I…am, well, have known this guy for a few months now, and recently we’ve been texting a lot and we’ve been getting to know each other. I like him. A lot.

A lot a lot. I asked him who his favorite singer was and he answered me with Romeo Santos, so I took a listen. Oh my goodness! He is so great.

Though, I do wish he would stop saying ‘The King,’ in a lot of his songs…like practically every one I’ve listened to so far. We get it, you’re the king of Bachata (a musical genre popular in many parts of Latin America, which my guy is a huge fan of). And ‘gostoso,’ which means, ‘tasty‘ in Portuguese. BUT, it can also mean ‘sexy‘ and ‘attractive.’ He says that a lot too.

Today I will show you some of my favorite songs, and some of his favorite songs.


Propuesta Indecente‘ (Indecent Proposal)


Eres Mia‘ (You Are Mine)


These are his favorites:

Loco‘ Con Enrique Iglesias (‘Crazy’ with Enrique Iglesias)


And my favorite of the two he said were his favorite, “Cancioncitas de Amor” (Little Songs of Love)


Like Romeo Santos? You can buy his latest stuff on iTunes!


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