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Kemmy Releases Diss Track For Competition (Pics Explain)

I found this on Careless, Careless, Shoot Anonymous, one of the hilarious pages I follow.

On the subject, I personally don’t care for Kemmy anymore. Yes, she has a good flow. But remember back when I wrote about Jolly V vs E.Via? Yes, Jolly dissed my eonnie, and now for some strange reason, I’m a fan.

Personally I think rapper to rapper is fair. Bom however is a singer, not a rapper. I get that the track is for a competition, and Bom might not pay attention to this, and it will all blow over by the end of next week cuz someone’s dating someone, but for now it’s the hot topic issue.

I really don’t know why I don’t like Kemmy so much. I could just chalk it up to being stubborn and a YG stan, but what irks me is that she had to poke fun at Bom‘s medical issues. And if you hate a person great, but really, attacking them about their insecurities and medical issues that they can’t help (lymph nodes, depression [reason for the pills]) I think that’s a bit much.

She could’ve simply called Bom every name in the book without poking at those details, and I would have brushed it off. But she didn’t, and here we are. I’ll get over soon. Maybe.

Good luck in the competition, I guess.

Look at pics for explanation:

bom pic 1 bom pic 2


What are your thoughts?


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