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4L (4Ladies) ‘Move’ Debut

So I missed out on them by a few days because of work, now to catch up with them! 4Ladies is a new girl group from Jade Contents Media. The girls take on a lesbian concept, which has had the K-Pop world buzzing.

Now to check it out.

Watch the music video here:


Well. That was a lot of hip thrusting. Their outfits aren’t as racy as Stellar‘s in “Marionette,” and I don’t see a lot of bum cheeks, so that’s a plus. My question is, if they’re trying to pull of a lesbian concept, why is the song about a boy????

That’s my only question. I can’t criticize for the hip gyration because my ovaries explode every time my favorite boy bands do it. Choreography was sexy, if not over the top (waaay over the top) but not too much, like Stellar.

They have nice voices, but I’m not really feeling them yet. I’ll wait for more from this group.

Like the song? Buy it on iTunes!

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Source: 4L YouTube

3 thoughts on “4L (4Ladies) ‘Move’ Debut

  1. I’m sorry– not really, but this was horrible. I don’t want crotch in my face. However, if I heard the song I wouldn’t mind it. I feel like Korean girl groups take sexy and then run with it in the completely wrong direction, but maybe it’s just me.


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