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BlackJack Releases Kemmy Diss Rap

So I just got on Facebook after a nap, and this video pops up on my feed. TMimsTV released a diss track to Kemmy of A.KOR, and is getting plenty of attention.

Listen here:



Yo kemy, you’re pretty good girl I’ll give you that But let me show you a little something about this thing called rap

Cuz r-e-s-p-e-c-t is something that you lack

So you better check out all the fans before you attack 21 million blackjacks are tryna rip your guys out

All because you had the nerve to even call all of us out

Chose the wrong person to try to get your fame up 21 million of us tryna beat your brains up

Sorry I had to do this but truth is your just kinda nuance 2ne1 forever I’m a blackjack baby thought you knew this

Fans out here will leave you puzzled baby girl no rubix You could’ve had a chance with us blackjacks but you just blew it I don’t even care who gave you influence

This rap game is anti-Nike baby don’t do it

Fans everywhere tryna help Park Bom thru it Guillotine waiting and they all want your head to it

Oh your 15 bet you still sleep with a teddy bear Just starting out on a bad note must be so unfair But I believe in second chances lets just make that clear

Let’s just go back to the start lets just take it there I still got hope for you girl never forget You didnt mean to make us mad Your young and Hungary I get that

But it takes time, it takes time So for right now just wait in line Just keep going girl stay grind I can’t wait to see you shine

Cuz I know one day you will But for right now just sit still Look at what you just did

And tell me how would you feel I hope somewhere and your dreams you can find so peace I hope I can do the same, I’m going back to sleep

The reviews in the comments are mixed, many BlackJacks are supporting him while some don’t like the way he responded. Other K-Pop fans didn’t like the diss rap as well, but overall, the like on the video are overwhelmingly positive.

If you so choose, download the song here.





Source: TMimsTV YouTube


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