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Red Velvet’s ‘Happiness’ MV

Red Velvet have made quite a name for themselves since being announced as a group. They have the same name as an indie band, under fire and blamed for the lack of f(x) promotions, named after a cake, being ‘f(x) copy cats, having war references in their music videos, which some are pretty degrading to Japanese fans, seeing as how they are WWII era newspapers flying around and calling them ‘Japs,’ probably isn’t good for your foreign market, SM.

Tsk, tsk, you assholes. But I’m sure it does a ton of good for Korea’s nationalism.

Nevertheless, let’s get on to the overall feel of the song and music video for “Happiness,” since I haven’t seen or heard it yet.

Watch the music video here:


So besides the newspapers that didn’t belong in a song called ‘Happiness,’ that otherwise had no correlation to the ‘prop’ whatsoever, as a whole…I LOVE THEM! I love the song more than I thought I would. The raps weren’t necessary, but overall it’s a very catchy song with a very colorful music video.

The dancing is great, as it should be since SM artists are known for their dance skills. I haven’t found a bias yet, but give it time.

That jelly bear was cute tho.

Like Red Velvet? Their single isn’t out yet, but now they’re SM official!


Web Page




Source: SMTOWN YouTube


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