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Perfume Release A Hoard of Music Videos + New MV ‘Cling Cling Cling’

Now granted, most of these music videos are a bit older, but in the heap of gloriousness, Perfume has released the full music video for “Cling Cling Cling“!

First up is “マカロニ” which was released back in 2008 in the single, “Baby cruising love/Macaroni.”


Next up is “Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow” from their 2008 album, “GAME.”


Another song from “GAME” is “シークレットシークレット,” in English, “Secret Secret.”


I Still Love You” is from their 2009 album, “Triangle.”


And last but not least, the music video we’ve all been waiting for, “Cling Cling Cling”


You can buy their latest mini album, “Cling Cling Cling” on iTunes!

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Source: Perfume YouTube


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