K-Indie Picks 7.29.14

Well, I’m tired. Sorry that this is it for today. I’m exhausted. Factory, as usual. Can’t wait for the weekend. Not because I have a date or anything…or the fact that come Friday it’s a week till I take off for California for KCON. But back to K-Indie matters.

Hip-hop. I have more than three videos! Hooray!

Watch the playlist here:


First up is Royal Class and Tae Woon, with “Blind.” It was mixed by Konquest and co-produced by Radio galaxy.



Twitter (Taewoon)

Twitter (Royal Class)

YouTube (Royal Class)

Google+ (Royal Class)

Twitter (Konquest)


M.O.B aka Movement of Billions have released the music video for their single, “Night.” MANDIP was the executive producer, did vocals, recorded the track at M.O.B studio, and mixed the track with SABA CROW. SC also produced, composed and arranged the track. KO-P and Darowin contributed to the vocals and lyrics. Soul Jay also contributed to vocals.

The music video was filmed at the Gangseo MATE Hotel.


Facebook (M.O.B)


Dawit has released his music video for “P.N.P” which also stands for “Push N’ Pull.” The track was produced, mixed and mastered by Brasco, with lyrics by Dawit.

The music video was directed and edited by Jungssang and LMNOP.





Next up on the list is REX.D with Phantom‘s Sanchez, with “Ordinary Love.” You don’t see Sanchez in the video, but REX.D is lip syncing his parts. The song was produced and recorded by Mr. Black of Romantic City.



Twitter (REX.D)

Twitter (Romantic City)


Last but not least is Huh In Chang with his comeback single, “Whatever” featuring C-luv and DJ It.





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